Useful software that just works. Need an app to convert Kodak Photo CD files from the 1990's with achival quality? An app to extracts files from a winmail.dat file? A raw developer optimized just for monochrome images? Utilities that sync files, clean up DNG images, or turn camera profiles into readable form? We've got you covered.

AccuRaw EXR

AccuRaw EXR is a raw image editor and developer that offers ultra high resolution, linear processing and a non-clipping workflow, ideal for integration with video in complex post-processing environments.

AccuRaw Monochrome

AccuRaw Monochrome is a raw image editor and developer that is optimized for maximum resolution monochrome output. It works either with conventional Bayer array cameras, or cameras with monochrome sensors, producing better tonality and artifact control than conventional raw developers.

dcpTool for the Mac

dcpTool is a utility for modifying DNG Camera Profiles (.dcp files). Profiles can be compiled and decompiled, as well as transformed to remove "hue twists".

DNG Cleaner for the Mac

DNG image files frequently acquire baggage over time - large preview images that take up space, unwanted profiles and adjustments, editing history, etc. DNG Cleaner removes them all.


EasyClean is the quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted files in any folder on your Mac.


EasySync is the quick and easy way to synchronize any two folders, situated on your Mac, or on nearly anything connected to your Mac.

pcdMagic for the Mac

pcdMagic converts Kodak Photo CD images into JPEG, TIFF, EXR or DNG files. It's the only currently available conversion application that fully supports all Photo CD image resolutions and Kodak color profiles.