Updated versions of AccuRaw EXR, AccuRaw Monochrome, pcdMagic, DNG Cleaner and dcpTool now available

01 July 2020

Updates of AccuRaw EXR, AccuRaw Monochrome, pcdMagic for the Mac, DNG Cleaner (Windows and Mac), dcpTool (Windows and Mac) and CornerFix (Windows and Mac) are now available on their respective download sites. These updates address a series of vulnerabilities relating to the DNG file format, and are recommended for all users. The following vulnerabilities are resolved: CVE-2020-9589, CVE-2020-9590 , CVE-2020-9620, CVE-2020-9621, CVE-2020-9622, CVE-2020-9623, CVE-2020-9624, CVE-2020-9625, CVE-2020-9626, CVE-2020-9627, CVE-2020-9628, CVE-2020-9629