EasyClean is the quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted files in any folder on your Mac.

Easy to use

One-click wizards for many common tasks, like purging the pesky "DS_Store" and "Thumbs.db" files that Mac systems leave on Windows file systems, and Windows systems leave on Mac file systems

"Recipe" editor

"Recipe" editor that lets you build more complex cleaning functions with an easy to use graphical interface that works in plain English.

Power when you need it

For really complex tasks you can even use regular expression matching.

Works with all your storage devices

Works not just on Mac disks, but also on Windows and Linux/Unix shares attached to your Mac, thumb drives, etc.


EasyClean always first gives of a detailed preview of actions, so that you can accept or reject them.


EasyClean works with any version of macOS all the way back to Lion (10.7.5). And of course, it's fully macOS Mojave optimized.

EasyClean is a powerful but easy-to-use application that cleans unwanted files from any folder. EasyClean works on local hard drives, folders shared from other Macs, Windows shares, Linux shares, NAS units, USB drives, CF cards, SD cards - just about any location you Mac can access.

EasyClean is built for the Mac, so it understands all the Mac specific things that make Mac's special - files bundles show as bundles, not directories, etc. EasyClean is also super secure - it's fully compliant with Apple's new "sandboxing" security standards.

EasyClean has a wizard that performs most cleaning tasks with just one click - need to get rid of those irritating "Thumbs.db" files that come from Windows? - one click is all it takes. Need to clean up all the "DS_Store" files that Macs put in shared locations and are visible to Windows users? - one click is all it takes. Need to clean all the hidden files out of a folder so you can send to someone via email? - one click is all it takes.

If your cleaning task is more complex, no problem. EasyClean has a easy-to-use graphical rule editor that you can use to build up complex "recipes" for cleaning tasks. Need to clean all files with an extension of ".bak" created within the last two weeks and smaller than 4 kB? Easy!!! And of course, you can save recipes for later use, as well as share them with others.

For the ultimate power user, EasyClean also supports file matching via wildcards and even full regular expressions.

EasyClean takes the safety of your files very seriously. Firstly, EasyClean will always provide you with a list of files tagged for cleaning before actually making any changes. You can then either approve or disapprove the whole list, or individual items on the list. Secondly, whenever possible, EasyClean doesn't just delete files, it moves files to the trash, so that you can retrieve them later if necessary.