dcpTool for Windows

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dcpTool is a utility for modifying DNG Camera Profiles (.dcp files). Profiles can be compiled and decompiled, as well as transformed to remove "hue twists".

Compile to and from XML

DNG Camera Profiles are binary files that can't be edited; dcpTool can transform profiles in an text based XML form. In XML form, it's easy to modify the profile to customize the profile.

Remove "hue twists"

Hue twists translate colors "as photographed" into different colors. They can be used to make skies bluer, foliage greener, etc. But they can result in undesirable color changes when editing images, and can make color matching more difficult. dcpTool allows profiles to be either "untwisted" or made "invariant".

Extract profiles from DNG files

DNG files can have a camera profile embedded in them. dcpTool allow you to extract the embedded profile as a stand-alone profile.

Easy to use

Using dcpTool is easy - just select a source folder and a destinations folder, and convert. It's that simple. dcpTool also offers quick, easy batch mode conversions, so you can process as many files as you need to in one operation.

Works with any Raw Developer

dcpTool creates industry DNG camera profiles that will work with any app that has support for them, including apps from Adobe.


dcpTool works with Windows 10 Creators Edition or later.