AccuRaw Monochrome

AccuRaw is a raw image editor and developer that is optimized for maximum resolution monochrome output. To see the difference that true monochrome processing makes, see these images. AccuRaw Monochrome supports most cameras from major manufacturers; a full list is available on the support site.

There's also a version of AccuRaw available that's optimized for color images.

Optimized for monochrome

Using a conventional raw developer to produce a monochrome image, you first demosaic the raw image to create a color image, then desaturate it. AccuRaw Monochrome has a specially developed monochrome demosaicing algorithm that is optimized for going directly to a monochrome image.

Optimized for maximum resolution

AccuRaw Monochrome's demosaicing engine is optimized to deliver maximum resolution from your images - In his testing of an XF lens on a Fuji X-Pro 1, Sean Reid, of Reid Reviews said that " seems clear to me that the AccuRaw conversion does the best job of showing us the resolution levels this lens is capable of".

Precise control over demosiacing

Most raw developers give you one choice about how your image is developed - soft images with no risk of artifacts. AccuRaw Monochrome allows you control over the internal operation of the demosaicing engine. Maximum resolution or maximum suppression of artifacts such as moire, or anywhere in-between. The choice is yours.

Completely linear floating point image processing with True EXR support

AccuRaw Monochrome implements a non-clipping workflow that supports the preservation of "greater than 1" highlights in EXR formats, so that full highlight recovery is available in post. Multiple EXR formats are available - RGB or RGBA, 16- or 32-bit floating point formats.

Integrates with other other applications such as Lightroom and Aperture

AccuRaw Monochrome will work together with other applications to deliver a smooth, easy workflow that gives you the benefits of AccuRaw Monochrome's demosaicing and color management within whatever application you're most familiar with. See here for more.

macOS Big Sur compatible with native Apple Silicon support for blazing fast performance

AccuRaw Monochrome is fully compatible with the latest versions of macOS, and the latest hardware from Apple.

See the difference

Conventional color demosaicing (Adobe Lightroom 5.3, 100% crop). Image from a Nikon D800 modified by CFA removal, courtesy of All settings at default.

AccuRaw Monochrome's demosaicing (AccuRaw 2.0.0, 100% crop). All settings at default. Results with other cameras may be different.

AccuRaw Monochrome's Advantage

AccuRaw monochrome is built just to produce the best possible monochrome image:

  1. Accuraw uses all your image data. The color filters on Bayer (or X-Trans) image sensors color sensitivities' overlap considerably. Raw converters designed to produce color images in effect throw away the overlapped areas. (For the technically minded, this occurs due to the negative off-axis components in the color conversion matrix). But AccuRaw Monochrome keeps this information, resulting in images with better shadow detail and greater dynamic range.
  2. AccuRaw Monochrome's demosaicing algorithm is optimized for monochrome. The demosaicing algorithm of raw converters designed for color output are optimized to reduce color artifacts. AccuRaw Monochrome's algorithm is optimized to reduce luminance artifacts.
  3. AccuRaw Monochrome caters for modified sensors. AccuRaw monochrome has algorithms specifically for cameras that been modified either by the complete removal of the Color Filter Array (CFA), otherwise knows as "de-Bayering", or just by being modified for a different spectral sensitivity, e.g., of IR or UV operation. If cameras with modifications such as these are processed through a conventional raw developer, artifacts and blurring will result. See this blog post for more details.

Download the trial version

You can download a fully functional trial version from our support site

System Requirements

Raw conversion requires very substantial amounts of processing power and memory. While AccuRaw Monochrome will run on laptops, performance is optimized for desktop systems. We strongly recommend the following minimum system specifications:

  • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later
  • 4 GB memory minimum, 8GB recommended
  • 128 MB graphics memory minimum, 512 MB graphics memory recommended