FastSpring is no longer a payment channel

20 December 2023

Please note that due to changes in FastSpring’s terms and conditions, FastSpring is no longer a payment partner. Please either use Paypal or purchase from either Apple or Microsoft App Stores.


Black Friday 2021 - half price on AccuRaw

24 November 2021

We’ve got something special for Black Friday 2021 - both AccuRaw EXR and AccuRaw Monochrome are 50% off from the 25th until the 28th. Neither of our AccuRaw products have ever been available at theses prices, so get them while you can. Available on the Apple App Store.


New product - kxxMagic

10 August 2021

There’s a new product out!! kxxMagic converts early Kodak digital images - images with .k25 or .kdc extensions - into JPEG, TIFF, EXR or DNG files. kxxMagic builds on the Kodak-specific demosaicing algorithms developed for our award winning pcdMagic software, so conversion is at full resolution with none of the artifacts that other conversion software gives. And, of course, colors are exactly as they were back when the photo was taken.


Support for Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II

12 February 2021

Updates of AccuRaw EXR, AccuRaw Monochrome, PhotoRaw are now available on the Apple App Store. These updates add support for both the Nikon Z6 II and Nikon Z7 II


Support for MacOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon

14 November 2020

We’ve been hard at work, and we’re pleased to announce that as of today, all of our products - pcdMagic, AccuRaw EXR, AccuRaw Monochrome, dcpTool, DNG Cleaner, WinDat Opener, etc, are all fully macOS Big Sur optimized.

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